Welcome to the website of the student chapter of the American Institute for Chemical Engineers at King Abdulaziz University, Chemical and Materials Engineering department.

This website was established to be as a communication tool between the student chapter and the members so they can get the latest updates of the activities and news that are related to the AIChE in general and to the student chapter as well.

The American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is the biggest and oldest institute for chemical engineers in the world that has been established in 1908. Objectives of the institute are available at

The institute has more than 50 thousands chemical engineer from 100 different countries containing student chapters and professional organizations. Therefore, the institute is specialized in developing the professional side for the chemical engineers and enriching their knowledge in latest researches and studies of various chemical engineering fields.


Our AIChE student chapter was established and accredited in April 2014. More than 100 students joined the student chapter and receiving all undergraduate memberships benefits as the following:

  • Attending scientific webinars in different topics by professionals.
  • Attending online courses in different topic, e.g. Safety.
  • Accessing to AIChE E-library.
  • Receiving weekly articles from many scientific divisions & forums.

The organizational structure for the student chapter of the American Institute for Chemical Engineers in King Abdulaziz University is shown below.



The student chapter page on the official AIChE website is available at: